Exclusive Lead Calls For Garage Door Companies

Unlimited Exclusive Calls Just $39 Per Month

“I claimed my service area zip codes right away before a competitor.” Tommy Mello – Owner of A1 Garage Doors

WE ARE LIVE! Since Sept 15th our site is already ranking in many markets! Leads are only as good as the source they originate from. But, when those leads come from an industry-specific website and are “exclusively yours”, that makes them even better!  GREAT NEWS FOR YOU or ONE OF YOUR COMPETITORS, but not both of you because ONLY ONE of you will be able to get calls from the zip codes assigned to your profile.

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    • Currently, on-boarding TOP-RATED companies in over 250 USA markets.
    • 15,000+ zip codes in our call-in software so consumers simply enter their zip and EXCLUSIVE calls auto-forward!
    • Claim (1) or all the available zips in your market.
    • Someone is going to control your zips EXCLUSIVELY, you… OR one of your competitors!
    • You get UNLIMITED EXCLUSIVE LEAD CALLS for just $39 per month.
    • Check Google for these terms below and see if we are already ranking in your market.
    • repair garage door (your city name)
    • repair garage door (your zip code here)
    • repair of garage door openers (your city name)
    • fix garage door (your city name)
    • garage door service (your city name)
    • garage door company (your city name)
    • Even if just one of these terms is appearing on Google Page 1 and you get just ONE job per month…is that worth $39?
    • We have hundreds of keyword combinations designed to get you LOTS of calls, but it takes time so be patient!
    • More markets beginning to rank every day so claim yours before it’s gone.
    • APPLY NOW before it’s too late!
    • Once a competitor is accepted in your market, all we can do is wait-list you.
    • Just $39 can lock up all available zip codes in your market!


Time to Complete: 5 min If Accepted, we send you Step 2

STEP 2 Submit eDoc

Time to Complete: 7 min Typical stuff, treat customers good, follow the rules etc.

STEP 3 Pay $39 First Monthly

Time to Complete: 3 min Just $39 month to month for UNLIMITED EXCLUSIVE CALLS from zip codes in your service area!


Just ONE BOOKED JOB could pay for your whole year!


For those who like to read the nitty-gritty details, this longer version of the info is for you…

  • Calls Recorded For Quality
  • Customers Pay You Direct
  • Exclusive Converts Better
  • Cancel Anytime

Not Our First Rodeo

  • Our ownership has over 24 years of experience doing SEO, and online marketing specifically generating high-quality leads for numerous industries nationwide. We’ve generated thousands of calls each month for a wide array of industries. And now, Repair-Garage-Door.com is going live to help detailers (maybe like you) get more business with our exclusive lead calls. Why does this flat rate of $39 monthly work for us?  Sure we like to make money too, but we’d rather make a little on a lot, instead of a lot on a little. Simply put, LOTS of Dealers (200 nationwide) paying a little each month generates a nice income to afford us to keep improving rankings and because we rarely lose dealers, we can move on to the next site/industry and do it again. WIN/WIN for everyone.

Timing is of the Essence

  • Just $39 per month allows you to claim your area zip codes and get UNLIMITED EXCLUSIVE LEAD CALLS your competition can never get! IMPORTANT: once your market is assigned, any other company applying afterward will be wait-listed. So, don’t delay getting your application submitted to us.

Documentation Beats Conversation

  • We ONLY want the best installers who want the best type of leads for a flat monthly rate of just $39 – That said, we are NOT your sales team. We’re a marketing option to make your phone ring with high-quality opportunities for you to do what you do best. Answer the calls, talk specifics, and book appointments to grow your business. Remember, these are live calls originating from a “site-specific” source and coming to ONLY YOU!

Let’s Compare Click Costs to Flat Rates

  • Comparing our $39 per month FLAT RATE for unlimited exclusive lead calls to paying for ad “clicks” that “may or may not even call you” is like apples to oranges. Cost Per Click (CPC) for “repair garage door + major city” averages $3 to $30 “per click with no guarantee they will even pick up the phone and call you. Our exclusive live calls can be yours for just $39 per month because we run hundreds of niche websites that do the same thing. Heck even if you didn’t get a call one month…you’re not going broke paying $39 that month and just ONE garage door job is going to cover the whole year for most dealers!

Proud Member:
IDA – International Door Association

IDA - International Door Association

Beat Your Competition – Once you claim your service area zip codes and are approved to our program, no other company can signup for the same zips. With US, it’s YOU or THEM…but never BOTH!

Join Your Peers!

Tommy Mello - Owner of A1GarageDoors

“I met SEO Dave via a mutual friend Troy who also provides garage door services. As we spoke about what his business is, I realized it would be great to get him to consider generating leads for garage door services like my company. I am happy to be participating in the exclusive lead call program in my service areas.”


“I’m calling about getting my garage door fixed, can I schedule an appointment?” – Want more of these opportunities to grow your own business?

Proud Member: IDA – International Door Association


We are happy to provide answers to the most common questions you might want to know.

  • How many zip codes can I reserve?
    As many as are available within your service area at the time you apply and we approve your account.

  • Why do you charge so little ($39 mo.) for unlimited exclusive calls?
    Being in the SEO business since 1998 has taught us patience! LOL, you too might have that similar experience with whomever you hired to do your SEO work and it never seems to go fast enough. But, we are not in charge of Google and they do change their algorithms regularly so you need to be patient as our rankings improve over time.  So when we launch a new industry site (and we’ve done hundreds), we know the techniques to use to be considered by Google as”best practice” for getting first-page rankings. During the early stages, we want to onboard high-quality contractors to our platform so that when the rankings really improve and the calls ramp up, we have our auto-forwarding all set for consumers to get the help they are seeking from a Dealer like yourself.  Thus our $39 flat monthly rate!  Of course, once we see we are driving LOTS of calls to you and you are booking more jobs from our exclusive calls that ONLY YOUR COMPANY GET, we might circle around and bump the monthly fee a little bit, but ONLY AFTER we notify you of that where you will have the option to continue, or cancel.  But our increases are reasonable to the scale of calls we are sending you and remember, we prefer to keep quality Dealers onboard and happy. Remember, only one dealer can control a zip code (as many as you want) so if you decided to leave, we go to the waitlist of companies in your area and give them a chance to take your spot but only if you cancel, or are in violation of our terms and causing complaints from consumers etc. But why would you risk a good lead source that only YOUR COMPANY is benefiting from and for such a reasonable flat-rate monthly fee?

  • How do I know the calls I get are really exclusive to just my company?
    Our automated call routing software accepts the zip code entered by the consumer and routes the call in real-time only ONE “Ring To Number” (the number you give us). 100% of the calls generated from zip codes activated in your profile will come to your phone.

  • Is it really just a $39 flat rate monthly?
    YES! We make $39 x 250 markets per month. We do ok and we do this same thing for MANY different industries. We’ve been in the SEO game since 1998 so getting our contractors high-quality calls means you will never leave us. Even if we raise the monthly rate a little, which will NOT happen till we’re pouring HUGE VALUE to you with lots of quality calls converting to jobs and revenue for you, our Dealers know it would be crazy to let the market go to one of their competitor’s, so you will gladly pay the slightly higher rate.

  • When am I charged?
    You only pay $39 per month every 30 days from the day you sign up. Cancel anytime before your next monthly renewal.

  • Do you allow ANY company to join?
    No! Unlike other lead-gen companies who will sell leads to anyone who can fog a mirror, we’d rather work with a collection of top-rated companies who we don’t have to replace. We value the commitment quality owners make to growing their business so that is the main reason we sell “exclusive leads” not shared leads. We want YOU to SUCCEED!

  • What if I get too many phone calls?
    Ah, success issues for sure! While most owners enjoy the increases in call volume, we understand there might be reasons you want to limit the number of calls we are sending you. We usually reduce the overall number of zip codes assigned to your profile which will reduce the call volume as well.

  • If I am wait-listed for zip codes, how long might it be before I can get lead calls?
    This depends on how long the company assigned those zip codes remains active with us. So long as they continue to serve consumers calling them, maintain a quality experience and of course pay for their lead calls, it might be a while. This is why you should not delay in applying for our program.

  • Do I have to sign a long-term contract?
    No, you can cancel at any time before the next billing cycle.

  • Why Us?
    Simple, it’s estimated Google now produces over 5.6 Billion searches per day! As an SEO and online marketing company for the past 2 decades, our sites generate business leads for numerous service-related industries nationwide. BuyLeatherSeats.com was specifically designed to offer consumers a FAST and EASY way to request help from a professional service provider…MAYBE LIKE YOUR COMPANY!

    Apply today before your market zip codes get assigned to a competitor!

Proudly Serving America

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